The Ghost and Mrs. Blog

Today, I posted a question on LinkedIn about whether Blogs and Tweets should have ghost writers.

Personally,  I am not in favor of it. I believe that if you are going to share your thoughts and wisdom online, then you might as well write your own words.

As the responders to my LinkedIn post indicated, not everyone agrees with me.

But how can I tell you I am being myself, authentic, transparent if I have someone doing my dirty work for me. Don’t me wrong. I think collaborating with someone is fine. I always liked the Sports books I read that said ‘So and So wrote the book with Joe Author.’

So, I think if you are going to do it, you need to come clean somewhere on the page — and let folks that have someone helping you out. It could be on the bio page. It could be at the end of the tweet — like adding someones initials.

Since most readers expect name on the blog to be the same as the personwriting the blog, here are some suggested guidelines:

  1. Let your audience know if someone is ghost writing for you
  2. Indicate that there is a ghost writer on the About Us page
  3. Make sure your co-writer or ghost writer knows your voice and how you think about things
  4. Try and proof read what the ghost writer is going to put up on the site because you will ultimately be responsible for it
  5. Check in with some of your loyal readers (insiders) you trust and get their feedback on the blog

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