Simple Monitoring….

If you are medium to large size company, I recommend doing some simple monitoring and rapid response management.

Well, even the smaller guys should do this too, but I understand that for them resources are limited. S

till, there are some simple tools (WeFollow, SocialMention, TweetDeck) out there to help with keeping your ear to the ground — and staying on top of key trends. Here are simple steps to help you out of the gate — to help you in this area:

  1. Identify keywords and phrases — and track how they are being used and when they are being used
  2. Look closer at theseconversations and pick out key influencers, topics, tone, trends and community sentiment
  3. Understand — or at least try to understand why these conversations are taking place, or why people are posting about your industry, brand, people, etc.
  4. Establish a “benchmark” against which to measure success and create KPIs (volume, sentiment, etc.)
  5. Quantify and qualify what’s being said in blogs, on Twitter, etc. on an ongoing basis
  6. Track the trends — and see if you can identify what’s driving them, such as a new product release, an announcement, etc.

BUT, even though you are tracking trends over time, you should be prepared to jump in and respond. Don’t let those comments, questions and posts go unanswered. If you are in business, then you need to follow up asap. There’s no clear rule of thumb for this, but just know that a few hours can be a lifetime.

So, keep your ear to the ground….


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