Employee Engagement leads to better Digital Engagement

Below is a  presentation I recently gave on Employee Engagement. This is an area that few companies really think about.

Engaging your workforce is a great way to improve your company’s digital engagement. They can be the eyes and ears — identifying any potential crisis issues. They can engage with users, learn and share those learnings with the organization. And … by being free to engage, they will probably enjoy their work more.

Most companies worry that letting their employees engage will bring the company down. That they might say ‘something bad’ that will be picked up by the press.

This begs the question — why would you hire anyone you didn’t trust?  Why look at this as a glass half full… : )

One way to deal with this fear is to provide Guidelines and Guardrails ™ to employees, giving them an opt-in training program to help them feel more comfortable participating and representing your company in social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Employee engagement is a key ingredient to a Digital Media strategy. See the deck and see why.


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