SCRM (is B2B?)

Most of SCRM really only looks at if you are selling directly to one person, vs. targeting an organization, where things become a little more dynamic and complicated. With one client, we have built in all the key decision makers around a purchase. For example, if we are selling widgets (now I am showing how old I am by using widgets as an example), you need to look at – the finance guy/purchase agent – the end user – the tech person who needs to bless the new widget – etc. And of course,.. as you point out above, each of these people might be participating in a different social network in a different manner. I certainly have seen this with enterprise solutions in the banking industry. Tech guys and marketing guys don’t necessarily hang out at the same water cooler. So in addition to job function and social network, there are other considerations, such as what tasks they are trying to solve. (What is the job they are trying to do).. And then there’s the input needed from your sales force. Those guys and gals still drive a lot of revenue : )

Ten minutes later: I am told that I just described B2B cRM, which is not called SCRM. OR SRM. Hmmm. Learning everyday. I actually thought SRM was just taking behavior on social networks, blogs, etc., and integrating it into a systtem that tracks engagement (what a user does, buys, reaches for (lead), etc.) and combining this information with what happens on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


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