“The forgotten one”

In the midst of all the Social Media hype — articles, stats, tweets, etc. — there is one key ‘social’ tool that is often forgotten: The Online Webinar. (Despite the fact, I have been saying this for years). It seems that big companies and small companies don’t put enough energy into conducting these sorts of events. OK, maybe the little guys do. The webinar format has even evolved to be a bit more ‘socially’ acceptable can now use JustinTV, Ustream, or other tools to do online events on Facebook. Old schoolers will say that these are not true Webinars, but for me, as long as you have people interacting with video and text, you are half way there to having a webinar. There are more traditional webinar technology providers, such as the Cisco kids’ WebEx, Adobe Connect, and GoToMeeting.com.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • the ability to show vs. tell about your product
  • a nice way to add leads to your prospect database
  • jump starting interaction among your community members 
  • a simple way to build future content for your site
  • sharing special offers to your attendees

So, if you believe that webinars can be useful, come join my good friend Gary Angel and me tomorrow (8/17 @ 12 noon pst) as we discuss a new sport ‘Dashboarding.” Sign up today. Just in case your curious — you don’t need a surf board or a skate board — just some passion for metrics and quantifying your success and justifying your dollars invested in social media.

So join us… and catch a wave.. and learn how to Dashboard

Disclaimer: One of my clients is Adobe, the makers of Adobe Connect.


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