Presentation on Gen Y

Below is a slide deck of a presentation I gave at Pivot 2011 on Generation Y.

For detailed information, read our book, Millennial Leaders.

Main point: If you want to learn about Gen Y, go talk to them.

Here’s why I say that. In 1989, R J Reynolds called me in for an interview. They would not tell beforehand what product I would potentially work on. Well.. after 30 minutes of interviewing with them, I realized that they wanted me to work on Virgina Slims cigarettes. (Remember those? They were targeted to women). I stopped the discussion and told them that ‘I am not a woman and that I don’t smoke,’ and therefore could not relate to their target audience. And I wasn’t mature enough as a marketer to just rely on customer interviews!. Moral of the story: Let the target audience or segment or tribe tell you about themselves. And let them help you market to their peers


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