Sometime, I wonder where I have been. Since I was overseas for most of the 80s, I feel as if I missed a whole genre of music. And this week, I had another eye opening experience.

Every year, I usually vote by mailing in my ballot. This has always been the case. But this year, I waited until the last minute to cast my votes, so I had to hand deliver my ballot. Although I knew that people vote at Town Halls and Local High Schools, I didn’t know where in my neighborhood, I should cast my thoughts. So, I asked my wife.

She suggested we go together. And to my surprise, voting was held in someone’s garage. (I know that great Silicon Valley start ups launch in garages), but I was surprised to see a local neighbor’s garage being used as a polling place. How grassroots can you get.

It was great. In some strange way, I felt proud to be an American, and proud to see that even though we have lots and lots of technology, there’s still some old school ways that refuse to die.

And since I like to think of myself as an online and offline community person, it was great to see individual cast their thoughts in a place filled with boxes, tires, and bicycles. Talk about crowd-sourcing!!!


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