Be Digital Ready

What does it mean to Be Digital Ready? (TM) Based on my years in social, ecommerce and online communities, very few companies really think through all the Digital Risks they might encounter with their web offerings. Be it on their own sites, within their own borders (behind the firewalls), on a social network (Facebook) or somewhere else, like the iPhone. Most marketers tend to wing it. I know that many of you will not agree with that last sentence, but I have a few grey hairs from not sitting down with legal, the tech group, the privacy group, etc. before launching a new product or service. Fortunately, when I was at Intuit, my manager, encouraged me to work with the great legal team there before launching Intuit’s Small Business Community. And to be honest, without them, I wouldn’t have been ‘Digital Ready.’

Are you Digital Ready? (TM)

I would be interested to hear how you work with the other divisions/groups in your company to prepare for a program. I know some companies have Social Media Task Forces, or SMTF for short. But even those only have limited cross-functional group collaboration. Thoughts?


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