What’s happening to my favorite station, NPR

OK, NPR is not just one station. It is a powerful network of stations, and I have been addicted to it since my early days in NYC. NPR also did a nice job moving to the web and also getting social into it’s DNA. Unfortunately, Ron Schiller, NPR’s chief fundraiser, was caught on teape, calling the Tea Partiers racists. And now, the CEO resigns. The video of Schiller has been circulating the web at a fast pace. Putting politics aside, it is a reminder of how quickly opinions — whether they are on a Facebook or in a video — can spread like Wildfire. Since I don’t let these sorts of things get to me (maybe because I am a coffee drinker vs. a tea partier), I will continue to listen to NPR. And I wonder if this will scare away it’s listeners. There are so many type of tribes of people listening to NPR shows. And I love the civil discourse that takes place on it, especially on my two favorite show (or two of my favorite shows): The Diane Rehm show and On Point with Tom Ashbrook. So my question for the tribes of Facebook users, Internet lovers, etc. is ‘how do we get this sort of discourse’ online. Or is it already there? And if it is, please let me know so I can participate in the discussion.

OK, so why am I really writing this. NPR has had several PR nightmares in the past year. I just want to reach out to their staff and tell them that I haven’t lost the faith. That NPR, despite the boo-boos made by it’s executives, is still my favorite network!


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