Getting the love you deserve

This weekend, I was reminded of another reason why Amazon keeps hitting it out the park. They have a little simple service called the “Call Back Service,’ where you answer just a few questions online and then pick your vice: Do you want them to call you or email you.

But what surprises me most of all is that most companies still don’t offer a service like this. As someone who implemented this at Intuit, I can tell you that:

  • Customers are willing to wait to be contacted, especially if expectations have been properly set, such as ‘how many minutes till they call you back.’
  • Customers are sick and tired of getting lost in a company’s IVR system — that’s when you get put on hold, asked to hit #2 if you speak English, transferred to the wrong person, etc.
  • Customers get someone who specializes in their area of need without having to be transferred back n forth among call center reps

But wait, what’s wrong with this picture. Here I am telling you how it is good for the customers, when most customer service groups still try and look at it from their own perspective, saving pennies on the dollar and sacrificing the love you deserve.

After all, it comes down to the people and humanizing the ‘experience.’ It’s nice to have someone who is personable and who can answer my questions, be on the phone. (Each time I interact or engage with someone online, I think about whether or not I am being human or just dishing out marketing speak).

(I have just been told that this topic has already been blogged to death. But you know what. It doesn’t matter. Companies still fall short in the area of customer service support. I spoke to four call centers today, averaging 30+ minutes on the phone with each of them, and only two solved my problem. Amazon was one of them. So, let me vent today. It’s Sunday)


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