Agile Marketing …

Scott Wilder, partner at Human 1.0 and former Intuit Communities Manager gives Frank Days and me, co-hosts of the Agile Marketing Podcast, his insights into Agile Marketing, from background to tactics and the value of marketing with agile.

I’ve known Scott Wilder for a few years; I reached out to him when he was head of community at Intuit. Scott has a marketing and product marketing background, and I wanted to put together an event featuring product managers for the Boston Product Managers Association. Scott flew out from California, and we had a great evening discussing product management and social media. I kept in touch, and have watched his career as it progressed.

I was recently chatting with Scott about the new agile podcast and discovered he uses the techniques in his consulting and when he worked at Intuit.  Download and Listen.. and Learn more from Scott over at the Agilty Marketing Podcast with co-host Frank Days.


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