PR folks — pay attention

NPR is running a good series on Public Relations’ mistakes. It kicked off this am with a nice show about how BP dropped the ball during the Oil Spill last year.

Probably the most stunning fact in the article (at least for me) is that BP didn’t have a public relations strategy. It failed to communicate the three key messages the public needed to hear: That BP was accountable for the disaster, was deeply concerned about the harm it caused and had a plan for what to do. Another mistake was when BP said ‘Trust us. We’ll be able to make things right,’ at a time when they obviously couldn’t. The oil was gushing like crazy and they couldn’t cap it. I think that that was a horrible misstep”

Things are never ok when you are in a middle of a crisis — so it’s important to call it what it is (Have I used that phrase before)”

One pieces of silver PR lining is that it sounds like Ogilvy ‘s Digital Team came in and showed them how to effectively use PR.


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