11 Minutes Later

No, attempts to provide marketing tips tonight. Instead, I thought I would highlight Diapers.com’s / Soap.com’s great customer service.

At 8:07 this evening, I sent an email to their customer service team, telling them that the canister of Comet I ordered opened up (and so did the plastic packaging around it) while in the box, thus getting white Comet powder on all the items in the box. And also white powder all over my floor and my son (he likes to help open any package we receive).

And 11 minutes later, Own from Diapers.com customer service team wrote back to me, saying:

Thanks so much for the email. I’m so sorry to hear about the damaged item that arrived within your last order. Please know that we are continually working to develop improved methods of packaging to reduce the likelihood of damage in transit. While we continue to work on this issue, please know that any time you may receive a damaged item, we are more than happy to replace it or issue a refund according to your preference. I have gone ahead and replaced the Comet powder while crediting your account. Your replacement order number is XXX and will arrive on 6/30 via Ontrac.

Since having my first child 22 months ago, Diapers.com has exceeded any expectations I have had. And this comes from a guy who has worked in the ecommerce / internet space for years. I find it amazing how this company and maybe a few others, continue to provide A+ service. Not just in terms of fulfilling product, but also in terms of customer communications. They know that the end of the day, it is about the customer.

These days, people focus on the importance of responding quickly to posts on social networks, such as negative comment on Twitter, etc. Very few people still highlight the importance of responding to your own customers emails and phone calls as quickly as possible.

I also like the fact that they reinforced their commitment to quality with the statement “please know that any time you may receive a damaged item, we are more than happy to replace it or issue a refund according to your preference.”

Diapers.com, thanks for the quick follow up!


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