CSI in the Cloud

Symantec and the Ponemon Institute just release a report on the cost of data breach. It showed the cost of a data breach continues to increase each year and is now at an average $7.2 million per incident, up 7 percent from 2009. That’s $214 for every compromised customer record breached. Part of this increase was caused by the number of criminal acts, but there are other factors involved too. These include: detection, forensics (now, I think this would be a great profession — CSI in the Cloud — and upfront work. Most companies don’t put enough energy in the ‘pre-ememptive stage.’ While IT might all over this, it’s important to work with employees so they can understand the risks. It’s important to incorporate protecting companies data into the company’s DNA. And I am not talking about a 1 time training session each year. This is especially true as companies open up their sites to social networks’ authentication systems! While many people believe the costs and data issues will decrease over time, I have a different perspective. Our world is getting cloudier — and the more we do away from our own box (laptops, PCs, etc.) the more protecting customer data and company information will become an issue.

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