Put your hands up and show me your face (book page)

The Atlantic Monthly recently ran an article describing how applicants for the Maryland Department of Corrections had to turn over their Facebook credentials for a background check. Here’s Officer Collins sharing what happened when he applied for a job. He discusses how he was asked by employer to see his personal information:The American Civil Liberties Union stepped in and challenging this request, documenting, writing a letter to them.The DOC states that this is requirement for all new applicants cause it wants to review all wall postings, etc. to determine if the person has conducted an illegal acts or is associated with less desireable groups.  In the Private Sector, this is a no-brainer. It would be a violation of an individual’s rights. The Public sector is a little more tricky unless the individual works for the CIA, is involved in National Security or guarding a government official. But what about your typical cop or law enforcement officer, like Mr. Collins. He isn’t involved in protecting the President. So it would be difficult to determine where to draw the line.My recommendation is that you make it requirement after you decide to hire or promote the individual. My thinking is that you never know what sort of national security or public safety work they would be involved in. And you would also make sure there is no discrimination involved in hire or no-hire decision.Key Points:Companies need to be cautious about asking for employee’s Twitter, Facebok or other social network log-in credentials. They also need to know that instead of playing big brother and digging into employees personal affairs (and violating their civil rights), they need to provide the proper guidance for their employees because 95% of the time, employees want to do what is right. That being said, employees — each one of them — is becoming more and more a spokesperson or a representative of the company. It will become increasingly difficult to limit what they say online.0 0 0

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