Another list of 2012 predications

Deloitte just came out with the their top Tech Trends for 2012. You can download it at their site. Below is the list along with a little commentary:

  • Social Business: No surprise here. Everyone loves that term. But I do like the fact that they did say ‘people are the core of business.’ This is something Human 1.0’s founders have preached for a long time. But the article then talks about the tools, the platforms, etc. and doesn’t acknowledge (or start off with the importance of leading with the fact) that ‘its about the different tribes.’
  • Gamificaiton: I just knew that this term would sneak onto the list. But I would stress that it is more than the essence of games, which Deloitte defines as ‘fun, play and passion.’ I think there is a human dynamic that goes on among individuals when the play, even when they are playing by themselves. “I feel good about winning,’ for example. It also involves the mechanics to solve problems and engage different audiences. And it can touch all aspects of a company—customer service, product development, decision making, etc. But at the end of the day, I think Communities that take off understand the dynamic between games and people
  • Enterprise Mobility: I am glad they added this one because when I talk to people about ‘mobile trends,’ they tend to focus on either the small developer or the consumer market. There are some real challenges for  enterprise leaders in trying to get a handle on the amount of mobile products in the enterprise.
  • User Empowerment: Can’t argue with this, but again, it is important not to just look at individual users, but also the tribes they travel with. During the Arab Spring, many individuals felt empowered, but they were part of a larger cause. (By the way, Twitter, please don’t censor certain countries)
  • Hyper-Hybrid Cloud: I think companies will be challenged to provide good solutions for their users. I love Apple, but don’t get me started on iCloud.
  • Big Data Goes To Work: Ah, one of my favorite topics. But I do think it is important to sweat the small stuff and focus on Little Data too. Before we can boil the ocean and attack Big Data, we need to ensure we understand the basics about our business. For some good info on how to handle the basics, check out
  • Digital Identities: I would just say that we first need to figure out the password security issue better and help people manage their IDs across multiple environments. This is a challenge even for companies and the people in their ecosystem.
  • Measured Innovation: IT leaders are being looked at to drive innovation in their companies, but I think that’s the wrong way of looking at it. I would take a center of excellence approach with strong input from the grass rooters. Yes, CIOs should be revolutionaries, but they already have a lot on their plate, getting their organizations to adapt to mobile, the cloud, big data, etc.
  • Outside-in-Architecture: (This feels a bit like the Hyper-Hybrid Cloud one to me). I guess this is basically leveraging third party service providers, such as Amazon Hosting, etc. It will be good to see that we don’t have to always adopt ‘an invented here’ approach. That’s costly

Final thoughts:

I like the guys at Deloitt and this is a good list to get us thinking about what could really happen in 2012. Some other trends to consider: The possibility of a Corporate Spring. Or the demise of the corporate website with all resources going to mobile. Or Mobile metrics. Or what will happen as a result of Facebook and/or Google trying to change their privacy policies.

Many people have looked into their crystal balls and posted on their sites their predications for 2012. Unfortunately, they are all very similar. I would like to see some more daring guesses at what the next year will bring. If you know of any, send them my way.




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