New site: DigitalMarketing 2.0…(somewhat of an ad for a site I contribute to)

Digital Marketing 2.0.Com: Where Big Ideas Meet Big Data

DataXu Sponsors New Editorially-Independent Marketing Community

Andover, MA – February 22, 2012 – Human 1.0, an international business innovation firm helping clients understand, adopt and execute social business strategies, together with DataXu, provider of the industry’s only fully-integrated digital marketing management platform and number one ranked DSP current offering, are pleased to announce the launch of Digital Marketing 2.0, an editorially-independent thought leadership community for digital marketers.

Living in an era of ubiquitous digital devices is changing consumer behavior and, in turn, driving a paradigm shift in marketing. CMOs unanimously cite that they are underprepared to handle the data deluge generated by consumer interaction with digital media, and are uncertain what tools, technologies, partners and resources they will need to develop new strategies for interpreting the data and making real-time business decisions based on the insights it provides. In response, DataXu decided to launch and support an industry-wide conversation, backed by a research study, on how companies can tap into the power of the customer intelligence derived from a fully digital world.

Digital Marketing 2.0 is edited by Stacy Williams, who for 20 years has helped companies develop and implement their marketing, positioning, and internal and external communications strategies. Along with Williams, there are four main contributors including Dan Greller, an IT executive and former CIO at Legg-Mason, Ian Gertler, Chief Marketing Officer for online advertising Pioneer Cursor Marketing under Lexos Media, David Rogers, the Executive Director of BRITE at Columbia Business School and the faculty director of the school’s Executive Education program on Digital Marketing Strategy and David Allen Isben, a 25-year market-driven business strategies veteran in both the consumer and technology spaces.

“Our community discussions will focus on the promise of Big Data and the ability to create actionable insights that come with digital marketing. The community aims to deepen and drive the conversation and uncover ways in which the entire ecosystem can benefit through shared information and expertise,” said Williams.

The site is sponsored by DataXu and produced by Human 1.0.