Letter ‘O’ and the future

Yesterday, it was my turn to walk my son, Scotty, to pre-school. To be honest, walking down the street with him, playing ‘Eye-Spy” is one of the highlights  of my day. When we arrived at his class, his teacher (he has great teachers) told him to sit down at the table in front of a stand alone keyboard. All the kids had keyboards in front of them, and they were asked to find different letters on the keyboard.

The first letter she asked him to find was ‘O’ which is normally one of the easier ones for Scotty because he knows it looks like a ball or like a Cheerio. Unfortunately, he could not find it and when I looked over his shoulder (I am a satellite dad who tends to linger around and above his kids a bit longer than he normally should do), I noticed that there was no ‘O’ on the keyboard. It had been scratched away due to aggressive usage by numerous school kids. Instead of defending Scotty, I let the teacher explain that it was too difficult a request. To be honest, I also lingered on the fact that Scotty was given a challenging and maybe not worthwhile exercise.

First of all, my kids learn their ABCs in their proper sequential order at home. A-B-C-D-E-F-G. (I guess, however, it might be good to have them randomly select a letter). Secondly, I am not sure keyboards will be around in the next few years. Or at least keyboards will not be as we know them today. They might be more like the keyboard that is part of the iPhone device. Instead of tapping lots of separate keys, we might be rapidly tapping our fingers on glass.

Right now, there are lots of big letters lingering around or on the walls of our house, so that we can reinforce the alphabet. We also go to a number of good websites that provide alphabet games. And despite all this talk about learning with tablets and smartphones, we still have ‘an old school’ nightly routine of reading a book before going to bed. So, I guess somethings might not  ever change…..for a while, at least.


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