Webinar Content: The Big Data Challenge

Gary Angel, Marshall Sponder and I conducted this webinar on 6/26.

Challenging the Analytics Community: Big Data

  • Choosing the right Technology Stack
  • Adapting your Analytics Methods
  • Creating the necessary organizational synergies


The big data frontier isn’t really about crossing a threshold in the amount of data you use. It’s more about how you work with the data you have. Organizations like Google and Facebook have never had any choice but to work directly with their own data. For most enterprises, however, SaaS Web analytics solutions provided an easy way for organizations to manage and use their digital data. Only companies like Omniture and Webtrends had to do the heavy lifting with the data. That’s changing. More and more enterprises are deciding that the benefits of working directly with their data outweigh the costs and the challenges. But what exactly are those challenges? Technology, methodology and organization are all critical. Assessing the right technology stack for your data volumes, integration requirements and analysis needs is complex and involves significant trade-offs between performance, robustness, price, and total cost of ownership. Big data solutions fundamentally change the way you need to think about using your data. If you don’t re-think your approach to the data, you won’t reap significant benefits no matter which technology you choose. Nor are organizational challenges to be dismissed. Big data involves a collaboration of IT, measurement and marketing at a deeper level than traditional BI. Unless you create the right organizational synergies, you’re effort will likely fail.

In this webinar, Gary Angel, Marshall Sponder and Scott Wilder will tackle the key big data challenges you’ll face as you move toward this brave new world of analytics.

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