Today’s thought: People are getting their sleep


For years, I have approached each day in terms of three eight hour segments. Ideally:

  • one of those segments would be spent sleeping (but that never happens, especially now with kids who have me sleeping in about two three hour segments a night).
  • a second segment would be spent working (but that never happens because I I usually spend more than eight hours a day).
  • a third segment would be at least spent with family, eating, relaxing, working out, etc.

Breaking down my day into three eight hour segments sounds nice, but it rarely happens. So I was curious about how the rest of the US population manage their day.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics’ latest time use survey, most people get their eight hours of sleep.

That surprised me! Eating and drinking and watching TV still occupy a large chunk of peoples time. I am curious how the greater dependency on mobile phones, watching programs on iPads, etc. will impact TV. My guess is that its definition will eventually evolve to include online videos and that it will no longer be considered a stand-alone device, but rather something that the Bureau of Labor Statistics views as an activity done with a smart-phone or iPad.

For example, I have not had a TV set in three years and watch all my shows online.