Community Management and Content Strategy

There is an old saying ‘”fish where the fish are.” Although this almost cliche these days, it is very true. Companies need to understand how to identify the multiple ‘relevant’ tribes that spend time on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or on their own branded communities. And they need to understand how to engage with them. The starting point can be the company as owner or moderator of a community or as a participant who has to gracefully figure out how to engage with the leaders and the followers of those Tribes that would be interested in their products. For example, when Reaching SMBs built and managed a community around Big Data, it focused on the fact that not all Big Data lovers are created equal or have the same background. Data Scientists are different from the junior web analyst. Both groups have their own interests, own vocabulary, their own preferred social networks and more. And each requires a different approach when it comes to engagement, content development and community management.

To meet these needs, here are some of our services: