Community Management and Social Media Moderation

Imagine having a team of experienced moderators who have worked with SMBs and Technology companies for over 100 years combined. Imagine if each moderator has at least 10 years experience in this space. Reaching SMBs believes that community moderators need to be experienced and part of an existing team instead of someone you find in an electronic rolodex or on LinkedIn. We also believe that you can’t learn how to work with SMBs or learn about technology overnight. That’s why we have a team trained and ready to go. Most of them worked on Intuit’s Communities for years. All of them have worked for us before, meaning you don’t have to hire the type of agency that has to find people at the last minute.

We function based on the four pillar of the Disney Institute:

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Our moderation services provide:

  • Designing and setting up
    • Setting up Admin tools
    • Establishing the taxonomy
    • Building capability to integrate with other internal systems
    • Integrating with other social networks
    • Creating analytics capability
  • Training
    • Learning about company culture
    • Learning about key privacy and legal considerations (each company is a little bit different)
    • Creating pre-emptive and reactive crisis management processes
  • Building the ‘Learning Loop”
    • Establishing work flow process to learn real time and share learnings with the organization
    • Enabling the constant tweaking to improve SEO and social search
    • Establishing escalation procedures and process
  • Building the Content Blueprint
    • Designing Content Strategy
    • Establishing process to create homegrown content
    • Establishing process to leverage community created content
    • Creating content calendar addressing specific needs of different tribes/users
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Designing benchmarks based on industry standards
    • Capturing and leveraging verbatim / qualitative information
    • Creating standards for reporting across multiple groups, platforms, etc.
  • Providing the people
    • Staffing each project with a leader, a technology domain expert, moderators, a content expert, and an analytics guru (But you only pay for what you use!)

We handle French, Spanish and Portuguese.

We have experience on hosted platforms such as Lithium, Jive, GetSatisfaction and others. We also have experience with Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. We have even designed a Community Platform from scratch.