Z Content Strategy, Development and Management

Thousands of websites provide advice on how to write content, but almost all of them focus only on the ‘words.’ While this is extremely important for SEO, it doesn’t help with the process for creating engaging content.

Few practitioners actually provide a process for developing home-grown content and for curating third party content. Few provide an agile approach for providing relevant content. Reaching SMBs has built from scratch content processes for leading Internet companies around the World. And each time we take on one of these assignments, we refine our process so that we can offer our clients a cost-effective approach for developing a strategy, designing the process and implementing content on a website.

Reaching SMBs, for example, can help you:

  • Develop blueprint for defining content for your website, community or Network
  • Build guidelines for your team
  • Train your Team in best practices and how to build content plan
  • Define home grown content and third party content strategy
  • Localize content for different markets or segments

Our offerings cover the following areas: