Conversation Mapping and Analysis

  • Listen in to relevant conversations from your targeted stakeholder groups: Aggregate and organize conversations from your Small Business social media stakeholders in real time. Bookmark, annotate and share.
  • Analyze conversation trends in volume, by relevance to specific topics or to brands, and by specific stakeholder groups. Identify peaks and correlate trends with company or market events (e.g. news release, conference, marketing/PR campaign, blogposts, new regulations…). Conversations are monitored in real time.
  • Get alerts on brand or topic-specific mentions: Receive alerts from targeted social media sources and stay on top of “hot” conversations regarding your brand or key topics relevant to your CSR effort.
  • Track stakeholder sentiment: We leverage technologies that enable the creation of alerts regarding specific topic from targeted social media sources. This enable syou to stay on top of “hot” regarding key topics of interest for your CSR effort.
  • Dive into stakeholder language with our expression explorer: Explore most frequently used expressions (words/sentences) in targeted conversations, identify language used in social media by targeted stakeholder groups.