Fresh Technologies and Processes

When marketing to Small Businesses it’s important to understand the the technologies and the processes they use to run their business. As well as the adoption curve for these. For example, there is a clear adoption rate (or diffusion of) the Internet telephony. Deciphering this will enable you to engage more effectively with Small Businesses.

We have been in the technology business since 1983 (yes, we have a lot of grey hair) were part of the early teams at America Online, Silicon Graphics and Apple Computer that first experimented with the Internet. We worked on the first online advertising campaigns, on one of the first search engines, one of the first ecommerce marketplaces and one of the first online Communities. When you combine this unique experience with our time working with Small Businesses, we can integrate fresh technologies and processes into your company’s portfolio and workflow.

We mainly concentrate on the following areas:

  • Identify and Explain these technologies
  • Set up and Implement these technologies
  • Integrate with systems and processes
  • Measure impact of these new technologies