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Oxford Economy Survey Results from a Oxford Economy Survey show that small and medium size business are going global, focusing more on innovation initiatives, paying more attention to how they hire, train and retain employees.
Spiceworks Spiceworks, a great website and community for CIOs has conducted research report on the Cloud and other technology issues SMBs deal with. Some data: Overall, 35 percent of respondents have adopted cloud-based file sharing, though 31 percent discourage the use of those types of services, with 4 percent banning employees from using cloud-based file sharing at all, citing security and compliance as a major concern. Some of the benefits SMBs cite include accessibility to data and low cost. Dropbox, Google Apps and Box are the top three cloud-based file sharing solutions, while 90 percent of employees use Dropbox on their own.
Social Networks: How Small Business’ spend their time on Social Networks socialmedia
SMBs are using the social space

SMBs are using the social space. A recent study from Vocus and Inc Magazine revealed what tactics SMB’s are turning to the most and the results show that the vast majority are getting by with the bare minimum.

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