Influencer Identification, Engagement, and Measurement

Identifying relevant ‘influencers’ (or fans) is both an art and a science.

The art part consists of having direct experience with your target audience. In our case, we have deep domain experience with Small Businesses who are accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, technology experts, big data enthusiasts, and others. You need to have been a part of these Tribes either in the past or know how to embed yourself into their cultures in the future. And the science part requires quantifying the relationships between the leaders of these groups, their peers and their followers. This also requires a deep understanding of the relationships between various types of data.

Even with the same segment, an Influencers ‘weight’ can differ across social media platforms and online communities. At SAP, their branded ¬†community influencers, might not have the same impact on Twitter or on LinkedIn. So we take care care in mapping out the relationships and then in planning a clients engagement strategy. And of course, we start with a bench mark score and track the impact over time. We track how a company’s relationship with a particular segment improves over time.


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