There’s a reason we don’t call it a dashboard.

Since we are all in competitive markets and also compete 24*7, it’s important to track our success (and challenges) with a scoreboard.

Scoreboards are always on — always changing and hopefully showing that our clients are winning in today’s competitive market.

We first establishing an initial benchmark and a desired goal, and then track our client’s performance over time. We ensure that each of our engagements are data-driven. This is especially true when it comes to tracking influencer engagement and performance. We look at each of the items below and look our client performs overtime. But we also make sure that we have a lot of skin in the game and that we a vested interest in ensuring that goals are achieved and surpassed.

  • Tribal or customer Segment Measurement:
  • Digital Channel Measurement: How a
  • Sentiment score among key tribes, stakeholders or segments
  • Improvement with Key Influencers and their TribesScreen Shot 2013-07-14 at 12.29.03 AM
  • Touchpoint impact
  • Overall social media performance