Stakeholder Engagement

  • Map your  social network. Visualize your green tribes in a network map by relevance or by influence level. Identify clusters and connections betweens sources, groups and sub-groups. Identify opinion leaders among targeted groups
  • Find out how influential you are: Map your position (your blog, your website, your G+ Page, or your Twitter account) vis a visa your stakeholder tribes. See who your key connections are, quantify your influence among specific tribes. Map competitors, partners and stakeholders.
  • Segment your stakeholders and identify new clusters: Social web mapping enables you to get a meaningful segmentation of your stakeholders. This is a powerful approach to support your outreach campaigns and identify stakeholder targets, based on their interest for your brand, for specific sustainability topics, and based on their ability to influence other stakeholders from the same group. It also allows you to potentially uncover new stakeholder groups for outreach in specific geographic locations of interest to your business.
  • Competitive position: Evaluate your position vs your competition among your key stakeholders or Tribes